The MANU-KET platform is structured around its General Assembly and its Steering Committee. Both INVEMA and the MONDRAGON Corporation constitute the Technical Secretariat in charge of managing the platform.

General Assembly

The primary governing body, comprised by all the member entities of the MANU-KET platform. The assembly is open and transparent, serving as a forum for meetings and collaboration between the member participants. Its role is to supervise management by the Steering Committee and the activities performed by the Innovation Teams.

Steering Committee

Comprised by the entities that perform the activities of the Secretariat, as well as by companies, universities and national research centres that are benchmarks of manufacturing. The Committee is responsible for drawing up the annual Action Plan and verifying that it is fulfilled.

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat provides the platform with administrative support and is responsible for solving logistic matters.

Inter-platform Groups

Work teams comprising voluntary members of a variety of Spanish technological platforms with a shared interest in specific areas, working together in search of innovative solutions