Spanish Advanced Manufacturing Technology Platform


Updated information on KETs and public policies and strategies geared towards innovation

A network of associations between companies, research centres and universities

Representation of national interests in strategic international forums

Excellent, flexible and intelligent factories; Circular economy and zero environmental impact; Parallel product and manufacturing engineering; Human-driven innovation..

MANU-KET was founded as an instrument to catalyse future research in Advanced Manufacturing within the Spanish manufacturing industry.

Inclusion and accessibility are at the root of the platform's foundation, with the aim of solving the technological needs of future products and services.


11 November, 2021

El GIEC organiza una jornada sobre la convocatoria público-privada de la AEI

El próximo miércoles 24 de noviembre, de 10 a 11:30h el Grupo Interplataformas de Economía Circular (GIEC), del que MANU-KET es miembro, celebrará una Jornada online […]
31 October, 2021

MANU-KET organiza el próximo 12 de noviembre un webinar sobre Horizon Europe

MANU-KET celebrará el próximo viernes 12 de octubre de 09:00 a 10:00 un webinar sobre Horizon Europe, presentando tanto los principios básicos del Programa Marco como […]